Events for “Correspondents” !!!

Hi folks! Here is where I’ll post and update event dates related to my new novel “Correspondents.” Thanks to all for the support so far. The book was named a Best Book of May 2019 by Amazon and just got a great first post-publication review from The National, the largest English-language paper in the Middle East. So far, event-wise, we have:


Monday June 3, 7pm, book launch at McNally-Jackson in Williamsburg (76 N. 4th) in conversation with my friend, Iraqi-American entrepreneur Yasir Dhannoon of the amazing refugee charity The Syria Fund.

Saturday June 8, 5pm at The Golden Notebook in my favorite charming little upstate hippie hamlet of Woodstock, NY.

Wednesday Jul 10, 6:30pm at Shadi’s Middle Eastern restaurant in (my hometown!) North Andover, MA. This is a ticketed event in conjunction with Andover Bookstore (the nation’s oldest, in fact) in which, for $60, you get a signed copy of the book and a three-course Lebanese feast. But there are only 29 seats available and about half so far I think are taken.

Thurs July 11, 7pm at the awesome indie bookstore Papercuts in Jamaica Plain, Boston. There doesn’t seem to be a link for the event yet but the date is confirmed.

Fri July 12, 7pm at East End Books in Provincetown, MA. This is so nice because Friday night is open-gallery (and mucho free wine and cheese) art-walk night in Ptown’s East End, so you can do just that after the reading.

Friday Aug 2, time TBA at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles! Yaaaassss!

Tues Aug 13 at 7:30pm at Green Apple Books in San Francisco! Double yaaaasss!

Aug 30-Sept 1 (exact date and time TBA) at the AJC Decatur Book Festival outside of Atlanta.

September 11 at 7pm at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA.

Oct 19-20 (exact date and time TBA) at the Boston Book Festival. Yaaas hometown hijinks!

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4 Responses to Events for “Correspondents” !!!

  1. Dear Tim

    I just wanted to write to thank you for writing your book correspondents. I was very moved that you managed to write about each of the characters with such generosity and empathy. They are I suspect parts of lots of the people you’ve had in life and I hope they are gratified to see themselves so portrayed. The tragedy of the Middle East comes across in a heartbreakingly unforced manner where ordinary people are condemned to live extraordinary lives. The love of food is tremendously life affirming. That Nabil finds happiness is truly of the order grace when so many similarly richly drawn characters don’t.

    This is perhaps (indeed I’m sure it’s not) the right place to write to you. But I’ve just finished your book as I look on Seville cathedral, a bizarre mix of reconquista and convivencia. You have a lot more to write to do just to the complex identities and histories you have brought to life so eloquently.

    Coming from a paddy that’s high praise indeed. Thank you for writing as you have done and giving me such pleasure.

    A monk on holidays


    • monsieurtim says:

      William, thank you so much for this lovely note. would you be so kind as to include some of it on Goodreads and also, if you are on Facebook or Instagram, to post something about the book there to help spread the word? It’s not getting reviewed at all by mainstream press, sadly, so these reader shout-outs really help. Where do you live? If I am reading near you, I’ll let you know.
      enjoy the rest of your travels and thanks again for the kind and affirming words

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